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Bowsers Rectangular Outdoor Mat

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Price: $98.00

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Bowsers Deck and Garden Collection brings together the performance of our new Sun & Shade All Weather Fabrics with functional elegant designs!

All the beds in our Deck and Garden Collection are made from Sun and Shade Fabrics, durable performance fabrics. Sun and Shade fabrics are solution dyed acrylics which means the color goes all the way through the fabric not just on the surface.

Sun, wear and tear, even bleach won't affect that color. It is fade resistant, up to 1000 hours, as well as water resistant. Acrylic fibers also resist the growth of mould and mildew that occurs in moist environments.  The bottom of all the beds are made with 100% waterproof, heavy weight (420 Denier ) nylon for added durability and protection.

The fill is foam topped with fiber.  The fiber we use is a unique bonded fiber that will not absorb water.  The foam is porous so minimal amounts of water are absorbed and it will dry quickly.

Our breathable Sun & Shade fabrics are fade and water-resistant and resist mould, mildew and stains. These durable outdoor fabrics (designed to withstand 60,000 double rubs) along with our waterproof cordura nylon bottoms, make these designs great for both indoor and outdoor use! .

All       24" x 42"       $98

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