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Decorative Litter Pan Cover

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Cat litter has come a long way in recent years, but litter pans have not. Today's cat litter is concentrated, clumping and offers great odor control for any room. Too bad the choices for litter pans aren't good! Open litter pans? Unsightly and easy for kitty to spread grit all over. Those nasty plastic domes? They discolor, attract dirt and hair, and look like they belong on the moon, not in your home. In a caringly decorated home, litter pans barely fit in the spare room, garage or basement anymore. Now get ready for more choices, because Mr. Herzher's Decorative Litter Pan Cover fits with any décor, in any room.

  • "Rhino Wicker" design in dark or natural color fits any décor in any room.
  • Attractive wicker pattern
  • Keeps litter pan completely out of sight in an attractive enclosure.
  • Easy access for sifting/changing litter: release and drop front panel using hidden easypull latch, then simply slide litter pan forward on rails for easy cleaning.
  • Easy access catch tray protects flooring and catches spills.
  • Protective, no-slip feet raise entire cover off floor to protect surfaces.
  • Easily cleans with soap and water
  • Thoughtful, easy assembly 
  • Won't absorb fluids or odors.
  • No tools necessary
  • Replacement parts available mfr 
  • Large 20"D x 19"H x 16"W accommodates litter pans up to 15"W x 18.5"L
  • Jumbo 23.5"D x 20"H x 18"W accommodates litter pans up to 17"W x 22"L
  • Flow-through ventilation




Large (N/A Light)

20"D x 19"H x 16"W



23.5"D x 20"H x 18"W

$158 • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012