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Mox Litter Tower

Modern Cat  | 10% Off  Cat Furniture
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Price: $175.00

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Keep your house clean with this unique litter box design that allows cats to enter easily through the top while keeping dogs at bay. The grated top cleans your cat's paws on their way out, preventing litter from being tracked onto the floor and around the house.

Great for messy cats and big kickers too, the Mox Litter Tower's sealed design keeps litter inside and prevents leaks and spills. Features an easy to clean, glossy white powder coated finish. Not ideal for older cats or very large cats that have trouble getting up and around. Available in red, white and black.

Specifications: 19" Tall x 19" Wide, Weighs 21 lbs,  8" wide top opening, Steel frame with a glossy white powder coat and Red / White / Black plastic PVC wrap.

Do I need a litter pan or liners? Nope! Just add 1-5" of litter directly into the bottom bucket. Simply pop off the top for easy cleaning and removal.

Easy Assembly Quick and easy assembly---takes about 10 minutes to set up. • 413-522-8857 • Chesterfield, MA 01012